Brain Cancer

Advanced Glioblastoma

Female, 56 years

Patient Internal 1001576695

ICD-10 code

C71.8 Malignant Neoplasm of Overlapping Sites of Brain

Diagnosis (Incl. Metastases/Stage) and Year

May 2022
Advanced Glioblastoma of the Brain (WHO grade 4), IDH Wild type, EGFR Mutated, C228T Mutation in TERT Gene Promoter Sequence.

Previous Treatment

Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy (Temozolomide), Chemotherapy (Lomustine).

Prognosis and Survival Expectation

The prognosis remains poor, with a median survival of Glioblastomas being around 14 months from diagnosis. Survival of patients with Inoperable Glioblastomas is approximately 7 months.

Treatment Provided

Autologous DCV (8 doses) and CIK (4 doses) over a period of 3 months.

Patient Survival/Condition and Year
Date of Review: 05/11/2023

The patient had Inoperable Glioblastoma, she survived for 14 months from the verification of Glioblastoma, meeting the median survival of Glioblastomas. She exceeded median survival for Inoperable Glioblastomas by 7 months.