Cervical Cancer

Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Female, 35 years

Patient Internal ID: 1015923246

ICD-10 code

C53.8 Malignant Neoplasm of Overlapping Sites of Cervix Uteri

Diagnosis (Incl. Metastases/Stage) and Year

June 2014
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix G3 pT1bN1 (3/13) L1. III st. Disease progression in March 2020, Metastasis in the Right Lung. Disease progression in December 2020. Disease progression in April 2022

Previous Treatment

Surgery, Chemotherapy (Cisplatin), Chemotherapy (Paclitaxel + Cisplatin) and Biological Therapy (Bevacizumab), Chemotherapy (Gemcitabine + Carboplatin), Chemotherapy (Nav-Paclitaxel) and Biological Therapy (Bevacizumab), Chemotherapy (Cisplatin and Topotecan), Chemotherapy (Vinorelbine).

Prognosis and Survival Expectation

The prognosis remains poor. The median survival for patients with Advanced Cervical Cancer receiving systemic therapy, is less than 1 year from diagnosis.

Treatment Provided

Autologous DCV (5 doses) and CIK (3 doses) over a period of 3 months.

Patient Survival/Condition and Year
Date of Review: 01/03/2024

The patient has survived for 8 years and 5 months since the diagnosis, and 33 months since disease progression. It can be concluded that the addition of Immunotherapy, alongside Surgery, Chemotherapy and Biological Therapy, has extended patient survival by an estimate of around 21 months.