Female, 63 y/o

Patient internal ID: 102828594

ICD-10 code

C52 Malignant neoplasm of vagina,
C71.8 Malignant neoplasm of overlapping sites of brain.

Diagnosis (incl metastases/stage) and year

The patient diagnosed with vaginal cancer in August 2018.
Then in 2020 the patient was diagnosed with the second cancer – glioblastoma multiforme, WHO grade 4, IDH mutation not detected, MGMT(+).

Previous treatment

Surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.

Prognosis and survival expectation

Median survival is 8-12 months.

Treatment provided

Allogeneic DCV and CIK (22 doses) started in April 2020 and still ongoing.

Patient survival/condition and year

The patient is under the care of her husband but her condition is stable. The patient is walking, speaking slowly, traveling by train.