Oral Cancer

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue

Male, 72 years

Patient Internal ID: 1521377115

ICD-10 code

C02.8 Overlapping Lesion of Tongue

Diagnosis (Incl. Metastases/Stage) and Year

April 2023
HPV associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue, Stage 4. Focal Lymph Nodes Invasion, suspected growth to Oesophagus. Ki67 >80%.

Previous Treatment

Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy (Docetaxel, Cisplatin, Capecitabine

Prognosis and Survival Expectation

The prognosis remains poor, studies revealed a 5-year survival rate of 50.3% for Oral Cancer patients, with a survival rate of 38% for Tongue Cancer patients. The average survival time for Tongue Cancers after the non-curative treatment decision, was 3.7 months.

Treatment Provided

Autologous DCV (4 doses) over a period of 2 months. Additionally, the patient received Mistletoe Therapy.

Patient Survival/Condition and Year
Date of Review: 01/02/2024

The patient has survived for 10 months since the diagnosis. The Oral Cancer is non-operative. The latest PET-CT scan showed reduction of tumor and complete response to the treatment. It can be concluded that the addition of Immunotherapy has reduced the size of tumor and extended patient survival by an estimate of around 6 months so far.