Rectal Cancer

Low Grade Adenocarcinoma of Rectum

Female, 45 years

Patient Internal ID: 1523433869

ICD-10 code

C20 Malignant Neoplasm of Rectum

Diagnosis (Incl. Metastases/Stage) and Year

July 2021
Low Grade Adenocarcinoma of Rectum ypT2N0cM0, KRAS G12 mutation. Disease progression in November of 2022, Metastasis in Right Lung, mass on the Right Pelvic wall. Disease progression in February of 2024, 3 Metastases in the Brain.

Previous Treatment

Chemotherapy (FOLFOX), Surgery, Chemotherapy (FLOX), Target Therapy (Nivolumab).

Prognosis and Survival Expectation

The prognosis remains poor for Advanced Rectal Cancer, with a median survival of ~28 months from diagnosis.

Treatment Provided

Autologous DCV (4 doses) and CIK (4 doses) over a period of 4 months.

Patient Survival/Condition and Year
Date of Review: 10/02/2024

The patient has survived for 32 months since the diagnosis and 15 months since disease progression. The latest CT scan has shown further disease progression in the Brain. The patient will receive SBRT, therefore no conclusions can be made so far.