Locoregional Stomach Cancer

Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Male, 35 years

Patient Internal ID: 302683160

ICD-10 code

C16.2 Malignant Neoplasm of Body of Stomach

Diagnosis (Incl. Metastases/Stage) and Year

June 2020
Adenocarcinoma of Gastric Body cT3N1Mo G3 (ypT3N3a LV1 R0).

Previous Treatment

Chemotherapy (FLOT4), Surgery (Gastrectomy) + HIPEC, Chemotherapy (Cisplatin + Fluorouracil).

Prognosis and Survival Expectation

The prognosis remains poor, with a median survival of ~40 months from diagnosis.

Treatment Provided

Autologous DCV (7 doses) and CIK (9 doses) over a period of 6 months.

Patient Survival/Condition and Year
Date of Review: 15/10/2023

Patient survived 21 months from diagnosis, he had reached a stable disease control, however, he died due to other medical complications. It can be concluded that Immunotherapy, alongside Chemotherapy, Surgery and HIPEC Chemotherapy, benefited for disease control.