Male, 78 y/o

Patient internal ID: 58261933

ICD-10 code

C61 Malignant neoplasm of prostate.

Diagnosis (incl metastases/stage) and year

March 2019
The patient was diagnosed with stage 4 poorly differentiated prostate adenocarcinoma G3 (Gleason 5+5=10).
In May 2019, multiple metastases were found in bones (axial skeleton).

Previous treatment

Hormone therapy (Goserelin), chemotherapy (Docetaxel), zoledronic acid for bone metastases.

Prognosis and survival expectation

Patients diagnosed at stage 4, five-year survival rate is approximately 29%.

Treatment provided

Autologous DCV. Immunotherapy was commenced in March-August 2020.

Patient survival/condition and year

The patient survived 4 years after diagnosis.