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We are an experienced group of scientists, seasoned health workers and specialists in cell immunology, oncology, radiology and we also operate a GMP production laboratory.

Innovita Life is the marketing and delivery arm of the Innovita Klinika and Research, both of which have years of experience in the production and application of cell immunotherapy treatments.

Our mission is to present patients with additional options such as Dendritic cell therapy to support their fight against chronic diseases such as cancer. Our cell immunotherapy treatments are focused on targeting and boosting the immune system to allow it to heal the body naturally.

Our Partners

Innovita Clinic was established in 2001 as ‘Innovita Research Foundation’, a private company supporting research into cell immunotherapies and anti-aging medicines. In 2005, the company restructured and rebranded as ‘Innovita Research’.

Over the next 20 years, Innovita Research initiated and performed a wide range of research across numerous fields, including anti-aging, cancer cell immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. Based on these studies, we have published multiple scientific papers and developed and patented technologies. Believing our knowledge and experience could help many people who rely on modern biomedicine and science, in 2019 we launched the ‘Innovita Clinic’.

One of the main reasons for setting up the Innovita Clinic is because standard treatments for cancer are often perceived to be inadequate. With the help of science and medical professionals, the clinic has embraced innovative medical solutions; using immune and stem cells to help patients with autoimmune, degenerative and oncological diseases.

Innovita Research is a research and development company that has run a number of projects in the fields of immunology and regenerative medicine, based on using cells or (and) their components. The company has developed the following cell-based technologies:

• Regenerative and anti-aging technologies to ameliorate degenerative diseases with the help of proteins (natural and recombinant), cells and their components.
• Cancer immunotherapy with xenogeneic differentiation antigens.
• Leucocyte-based antitumor, anti-infectious, and tissue-protective technologies.
• Tcell-based immunotherapy for autoimmune disorders.
• Storage of immune and stem cells.

The company provides technologies and related products for researchers working in the areas mentioned above. Innovita Research also offers high-quality pre-clinical trials service of any kind of customer substance, device, or technology.

Froceth is the first and only biotechnology company in Lithuania to produce advanced treatment medicinal products (ATMPs) individually tailored to each patient. For example, cell immunotherapy treatment for cancer. All preparations are adapted to the needs of each patient, using the patient’s own or donor’s own tissues and cells. We use the most advanced technologies in all processes and apply them to oncology, multiple sclerosis and tissue regeneration.

Froceth started in 2014, combining the knowledge of qualified and experienced doctors and specialists in biomedical sciences, molecular biology and biotechnologists. A non-analogous adipose tissue bank was also established for processing, storage and distribution of cells in the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue. It is the only tissue bank in Lithuania to operate in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities. It stores cells that are able to restore the functions of damaged tissues and are suitable for use even more than 20 years after their preparation.

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