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Cell Immunotherapy

Cell immunotherapy for cancer:
Dendritic Cell Therapy

What is cell immunotherapy?

In simple terms, cell immunotherapy (not to be confused with drug-based immunotherapy) is a method of stimulating a powerful effective immune response to allow the body’s immune system to fight disease naturally. Cancer, and other chronic diseases, thrive when the body’s immune system isn’t working properly and is unable to remove defective cells. In many cases, this is because the body doesn’t recognise that these defective cells are dangerous, let’s call them the ‘enemy’. This is because cancer cells are clever and can disguise themselves.

Why use cell immunotherapy as a treatment for cancer?

Cell immunotherapy is a well-established and effective approach to chronic disease management. Although this type of therapy isn’t currently prescribed by mainstream health system pathways, it offers the benefit of being able to be used in tandem with the majority of traditional types of cancer treatments. In addition, it can also reduce the symptoms of harsher cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Our approach considers the other treatment(s) a patient may be receiving, and our specialists do not prescribe these options in isolation.

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Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA)

Your internal ‘biological terrain’ has the ability to either support or inhibit cancer cell growth. A toxic, acidic and oxidative stressed cell and tissue environment is ideal to support cancer cell multiplication, …however the opposite has also shown to be true. It is important to recognise that our ‘biological terrain’ (i.e., the state of our internal health) is critical to managing any chronic disease. It is important to make changes that will help to remove an acidic, toxic and low oxygen environment.

Internal health

How to create a healthier biological terrain that hinders cancer cell growth throughout this challenging time can be confusing and challenging. There is a lot of information available online but it is often time consuming and product promotion based.To help you understand, here is an overview of the accepted biological terrain theory principles:

Our Gut

Our gastro-intestinal tract (gut) is the largest component of our immune system and a healthy gut is critical for immune strength and disease management.

Energy production

Supporting the work of energy production within the cells is known to help and is achieved mainly through targeted supplement programmes.


Your immune system strength is crucial during the battle against cancer. Supplements such as Vitamin D and K2 are essential for immune system function.

Cell Health

Healthy cells require on oxygen, whereas oxidative stress (a lack of oxygen to the cells) is highly cancer promoting.


Pesticides, preservatives and sugars are present in much of our food. We store such toxins in our fatty tissue and liver which is ideal for cancer cell growth. Removing these from our food and our body requires additional knowledge and guidance for most people.

Internal Alkalinity

Cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. So, when fighting a disease such as cancer, it is important to create internal alkalinity (the opposite of acidity). This can be achieved by drinking high quality water (not from the tap) to reduce toxins in the body to reduce acidity.


Sustained or event-based stress produces high levels of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is an immune suppressant and most cancer occurs (tumours grow) when our immune system is either shut down or very weak. Managing stress is complex and often requires assistance and the right tools to do so effectively.

At Innovita Life we work with experts in the fields of biological terrain, nutrition, supplements and stress management. These specialists are available to you as an optional
choice if you would like further guidance and knowledge to help tackle this component of your health challenge.

Cell Immunotherapies

A Second Opinion: Medical advice on cancer treatment

Chronic diseases are difficult to control and it can be extremely challenging to improve the patient’s condition and prognosis. Traditional medical systems tend to approach such conditions with their ‘fixed’ knowledge and expertise, but tend to rely on drugs, surgery and radiation in the treatment of cancer.However, the body is designed to heal itself and assistance can be provided in the form of powerful, non-drug-based immunotherapy treatments. In many cases, treatments such as dendritic cell immunotherapy can be applied
alongside traditional medical treatments. This can often provide much better outcomes than tackling the issue with a more ‘fixed’ and narrow approach. Our medical team which includes immunologists, oncologists and radiologists will consider your case in detail to determine if this is a sensible option for you and provide you with a professional opinion on your situation.

Further Reading

For more information about the science behind DC immunotherapy, download our information booklet here.

“Precision medicine is at the heart of immunotherapy, currently one of the hottest areas of cancer research. Immunotherapy is a new approach that harnesses the power of our immune systems to identify and control diseases such as cancer. Immunotherapy is being studied in just about every type of cancer. The number of cancers successfully treated by immunotherapy stands at 15 and growing and includes skin, lung, kidney and bladder cancers”.

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital USA

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