Innovita Life offers a different approach to treatment for cancer patients.

Cell Immunotherapy

Do you know that cell immunotherapy is one of the most advanced treatments for cancer available today?

When you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer you need a wide knowledge to be able to make the necessary informed decisions. 
We think you need to know about DCT cell immunotherapy amongst other treatments:

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Find out how DCT cell immunotherapy can help treat cancer

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    How Innovita Life’s Cell immunotherapy treatment for cancer works…

    DCT immunotherapy is one of the most advanced treatments for cancer today. It is a completely natural, pain free process with no known side-effects. It works by boosting your body’s immune system to identify and fight the cancer cells.

    How cancer thrives

    In most individuals our immune system removes cancer cells regularly. Cancer thrives when our immune system is not working properly and is unable to identify and fight diseased cells in the body. Cancer is clever, it can disguise itself within the body’s cells, which means that sometimes our immune system doesn’t recognise the cancer cells as being a danger.

    How cell immunotherapy destroys cancer

    Innovita Life’s immunotherapy cancer treatment is completely safe and can be used in conjunction with your specialist’s treatment plan and offset the unpleasant side-effects of harsh treatments like chemotherapy.  DCT immunotherapy cancer treatment is a result of many years of award-winning research into DCT,  and has been used as treatment for cancer patients since 1997.

    How it works

    Step 1

    Some blood is drawn from
    the patient or a direct
    relative if necessary.

    Step 2

    are extracted.

    Step 3

    Dendritic cells
    (DCs) are matured
    and primed.

    Step 4

    Primed DCs are
    given back to you in
    multiple applications.

    Step 5

    Primed DCs instruct
    your immune system
    to kill cancer cells.

    We understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your family and that you need all the support that you can get. When feeling unwell, it is not always advisable or possible to travel, particularly post-pandemic. Innovita Life’s immunotherapy treatment programme is structured to make your life easier at this stressful time. We can offer this alternative option for cancer treatment in our clinic in Lithuania and it is sometimes possible to arrange treatment in your country of residence and will be looked at on a case by case basis.

    How we
    can help you...

    We know this is a stressful time for the entire family and we would suggest that it is critical that you are aware of the full scope of treatments that could be available to you irrespective of whether they are available through your medical system.

    We are here to help look at options and combinations of treatment as cancer is complex and most often is best addressed by a larger plan

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    A Second Opinion

    Our medical team of cell immunologists, oncologists and radiologists will review your case and give you a professional opinion.

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    Cell immunotherapy: DCT

    Innovita Life’s DCT is the most advanced method of cancer treatment available to today.

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    Health, nutrition and stress management

    Innovita Life’s team takes a holistic approach to treatment for cancer patients. DCT, biological terrain, nutrition and stress management.


    Innovita Life

    Innovita Life’s is the sister company to Innovita Klinika (formerly the Innovita Research Foundation), established in 2001 to research into the fields of cancer cell immunotherapy, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. We are also partners with Froceth, the only biotechnology company in Lithuania to produce advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) individually tailored to each patient.

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