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Collaborating Specialists

Meet our specialists - Bertil de Klyn- Innovita Life

Dr. Bertil de Klyn

Dr. de Klyn is a registered physician and member of AVIG and KNMG in the Netherlands. His fields of expertise include surgery, gynaecology and as a General Practitioner. In 1990 he opened a practice for naturopathy and NTTT and also trained in orthopaedic medicine. Dr. de Klyn has been active in medical research since 2006.

Dr. Bertil de Klyn

AVIG AND KNMG. BIG registration: 99022085801

  • Surgery and gynaecology 2 years.
  • Was a general practitioner for 15 years.
  • Practice for naturopathy and NTTT since 1990.
  • Trained in anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, orthopaedic medicine and naturopathy. Active in research since 2006.

Dr. de Klyn’s centre for holistic medicine treats people with chronic diseases who did not respond sufficiently to conventional therapies and patients who prefer a more natural treatment pathway. The focus of the treatment is on the activation and resetting of the immune system.

The clinic uses conventional and complementary (CAM) therapies, the treatment depends upon the patients’ specific medical diagnosis. The treatment is suitable for patients who are suffering from chronic, invalidating diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, allergy, chronic inflammation, and chronic forms of infectious diseases like Lyme disease and Q-fever.


The holistic treatments are mainly based on naturopathy and terrain medicine. Naturopathy is a treatment designed to awaken the body’s inner defence system (vis medicatrix naturae). Whereas Terrain medicine considers the body fluids as the cause of the illness. The treatment is designed to restore the balance in the terrain of the body.


As the name suggests, holistic medicine is a term for treating the individual as a whole. This refers to every aspect of the person, including the physical, psychological, mental, energetical, relational and ecological aspects.

Dr. de Klyn has expertise in treating chronic diseases that have developed as a result of bacterial or viral infection (Pfeiffer, Lyme disease, Q-fever, chlamydia, whooping cough, herpes, mycoplasm etc) with autovaccine therapy (see: ).


Research Article – May 2022
European Journal of Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medecine Solk Onderzoek Avig
Dutch integrative medicine physicians can improve quality of life of patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms – A cross-sectional observational study
Herman A. van Wietmarschen, Karin van Velthoven, Hendrik Jan Hummelen, Harry Lamers, Rob Elens, Ria van Rooijen, Bertil de Klyn, Martien Zeegers, Rob Barthels, Jean Pierre Jansen, Judith Kocken, Roland Lugten, Erik-Jan de Rijk, Kees den Hertog,
Alice Robinson, Michel de Sonnaville, Frans Kusse
Read the full article here (.pdf)

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